Signs of Colon Cancer

It is important for a person to recognize the signs of colon cancer early in the course of the disease so that prompt treatment is initiated. However, in many instances, there are no symptoms of colon cancer in the early stages or they are very non-specific. The signs of colon cancer are usually dependent on the site of the cancer.

Signs of Colon Cancer on Right Side

The bowel on the right side has a thicker lumen and is more spacious compared to the bowel on the left side. Therefore, bowel cancer of the right side grows to a large size before producing any noticeable symptoms. The most common sign of the right sided bowel cancer is:

  • Iron deficiency anemia: This symptom is a result of blood loss over a long period of time. Small amount of blood loss occurs from the tumor site, which gets mixed with the feces, and may be detected only on the chemical analysis of stools. This gradual loss of blood may lead to anemia which, in turn, may result in shortness of breath, weakness and lethargy. It is only when the tumor has grown to a big size that the loss of blood in stools is substantial leading to dark colored stools called as melena.
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